n (-es/-) power, power of body, might, strength

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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  • AFOL — ist die Abkürzung für „Adult Fan of Lego“ (englisch für „Erwachsener Lego Fan“), welches erwachsene Menschen bezeichnet, die sich erstmals oder nach jahre oder jahrzehntelanger Enthaltung Lego als Hobby zugelegt haben. Entsprechend dazu gibt es… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • BrickFair — is a Lego convention held just outside Washington DC, in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Like most Lego festivals, the draw is the joy of bringing together Adult Fans Of Lego (AFOLs) to show off their creations (MOCs) and revel in others… …   Wikipedia

  • ELF — Das Wort Elf bezeichnet: die Zahl Elf das Jahr 11, siehe 11 umgangssprachlich eine Fußballmannschaft, da diese aus elf Spielern besteht einen Naturgeist in der Mythologie, siehe Elfen ein Naturphänomen in der Meteorologie, siehe Elf (Blitz) einen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lego Modular Houses — Modular Buildings Availability 2007–Present Total sets 6 Modular Buildings is a series of Lego building toy sets introduced in 2007. Created in response to feedback and suggestions from the Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL) community, the sets in… …   Wikipedia

  • LUGNET — (also known as Lego Users Group Network), is one of the largest online Lego oriented communities.ummaryAdult Fans of Lego (AFOL) discuss Lego related issues and post about creations using its NNTP/e mail/web forums. LUGNET members can track their …   Wikipedia

  • Lego train — is a theme in the Lego Group products. The sets include locomotives, tracks, rolling stock, trackside buildings (such as stations, signal houses, etc). History The history of Lego trains can be divided in four distinct eras. The blue era (1966… …   Wikipedia

  • BrickFest — is a convention for (AFOL s)adult fans of Lego. The focus being to have fans bring their favorite creations, often referred to as MOC s (aka My Own Creations), to display and share with fellow enthusiasts. Like other conventions it offers… …   Wikipedia

  • Lego Pirates — Pirates is a Lego theme launched in 1989 featuring pirates, soldiers, islanders and sailing ships.The original Pirate sets included the first Lego minifigures without the traditional head with simply two eyes and a smile; they had a variety of… …   Wikipedia

  • My Own Creation — (MOC), is a specialized term given to custom designs built by individuals utilizing the popular Lego bricks, or similar construction toys usually modeled directly like Lego. A MOC can be anything from an amateur design to a professional sculpture …   Wikipedia

  • Great Ball Contraption — The Great Ball Contraption is a LEGO machine made of modules created by individuals and then assembled into one big machine. The modules take LEGO soccer balls or basketballs in one end, and give them to the next module on the other end. The GBC… …   Wikipedia

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